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A strong defense requires thorough preparation. If you’ve been charged with a crime, obtaining strong-legal representation should be your immediate priority. We pride ourselves on providing excellent representation to our clients with over 25 years of experience and we always achieve the best results for our clients! 95% of our DUI clients receive NO jail time! We are simply the best at what we do!

Our Practice Areas

Domestic violence

Seeking an attorney for representation in court regarding a domestic violence case

DUIs & reckless driving

Seeking an attorney for representation in court regarding a DUI and reckless driving charge

Federal crimes

Seeking counsel or representation for a federal investigation usually related to accusations of committing fraud or accepting kickbacks

Criminal immigration defense

Seeking counsel or representation for offences linked to deportation, entry into the U.S. or obtaining citizenship


Seeking counsel or representation to avoid a felony conviction or to receive help regarding parole, sentences or probation

Petty crimes & misdemeanors

Seeking counsel or representation for petty crimes and misdemeanors like simple drug possession or driving without a license

Drug possession

Seeking an attorney for representation in court regarding a drug possession charge

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As a former district attorney, Mr. Andrews thorough understanding of the criminal justice system allows him quickly to develop sophisticated and effective defenses for his clients. He has tried over 50 jury trials in state and federal courts throughout the United States, earning a reputation for success, integrity, hard work and determination from both his clients and his peers.

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