Felonies Attorney in Oakland

Felony cases are serious accusations that result in life imprisonment and even life sentence punishment. If you have been stuck up in such felony cases, it is necessary that you get in touch with a professional Felonies Attorney in Oakland who will help you in coming out of such cases or at least will offer you some support.

If you are in Oakland and have been convicted of felony charges, a Felonies Attorney in Oakland is the perfect professional who will offer you the right solution.

How does a Felonies Attorney in Oakland help?

There are a number of ways how a Felonies Attorney in Oakland can help you if you are stuck in a felony case.

Investigating the Case

Before starting with the case, the Felonies Attorney in Oakland will take charge of investigating the case in order to find out all the necessary details that are required to support you. There are many minute details that you may have missed out. The Felonies Attorney in Oakland investigates to get through these details also so that you can stand in a much better place than before.

Protecting your Rights

Even if you are at fault, there are some rights that you will enjoy and no one should violate them. But there are a number of times when the police authorities may violate some of these rights when you are arrested. A Felonies Attorney in Oakland will scrutinize such situations and will conduct different activities to protect your rights according to the Constitutional Law.

Crafting a Defense System

The Felonies Attorney in Oakland will try to debate with the prosecutor to find out loopholes in their arguments that will help in putting the accusations in doubt. It may happen that you are actually innocent and have been framed for a case. The Felonioes Attorney in Oakland will prove your innocence or if you are actually guilty, the attorney will help in reducing the punishment that is being offered to you.

Felony Cases in Oakland

Felony cases are such that are serious crimes and cannot be forgiven. Felony cases can be divided into two major categories. The first category includes all serious crimes such as murder, rape, Lewd acts, and vehicular manslaughter.

On the other hand, the second category includes such crimes that are not as extreme as murder but still cannot be taken lightly. Some such crimes are sexual battery, domestic violence, vandalism, and attack using a deadly weapon.

While some people are innocent, there are also some people who are actually culprits. In either case, it is important to contact a Felonies Attorney in Oakland who will either help you in getting free of the case or getting a lesser punishment than stated.

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Felony Penalties in Oakland

The charges that you have to face for the felony acts will depend upon the situation, the type of crime, and the verdict given by the judge. There are some cases such as burglary for which you may be sentenced to imprisonment of a maximum of six years. But if you are involved in even more serious cases such as causing someone bodily harm, then you will have to face harsher penalties.

A Felonies Attorney in Oakland will go through the case and will understand the situation and condition under which such a crime was conducted. The attorney will place all the arguments and will urge the judge to reduce your punishment based on different factors.

Apart from imprisonment, there are also many other charges that the culprit may have to face based on the type of crime conducted. Some other charges that the culprit may have to face for felony cases are:

  • A maximum fine of $10,000
  • Community Service
  • Random testing for alcohol or drug 
  • Difficulty in the job search or house search
  • Issues with child custody
  • Parole requirements
  • Issues with immigration or citizenship
  • Treatments such as anger management, or substance abuse treatment

While most people do not think of committing the crime for a second, there are also a few who dare to commit the same crime once again. In such cases, the judge will often double the sentence. If you are stuck in such a case, then you should definitely get the help of a Felonies Attorney in Oakland to find the right solution or to reduce your sentence.

Defense Options used by Felonies Attorney in Oakland

The Felonies Attorney in Oakland will make use of different defense strategies for different felony cases. But it is always a great idea to know a few of teh strategies on your own.

Here are some of the defense strategies that the Felonies Attorney in Oakland may use for their clients.

Self Defense

The very first and most effective strategy is to claim that that act done by you was an act of self-defense. If you have been accused of serious crimes such as murder, or harming someone seriously using a deadly weapon or so, one of the best strategies is to make the case look like a self-defense act. The Felonies Attorney in Oakland will conduct an investigation to find out all the details and to state clearly that the act was of self-defense where you were trying to protect yourself or someone else by conducting the act for which you have been accused. If this gets proven, then there are high chances that the judge may sentence you a much-reduced penalty depending upon the damages done and other factors.

False Allegations

A number of innocent people face false allegations of felony cases only because they have been a part of a bad relationship or a broken marriage. Also, many times, false allegations are laid upon an individual because of some kind of competition. If this is the case, then the Felonies Attorney in Oakland will investigate the case thoroughly and will surely prove you innocent. In such a case, the attorney will not just prove you innocent but will also charge the other party with putting wrong allegations against you. 

Police Conduct

There are also cases when the police authorities may have charged you with a crime that you have actually not done. For example, the authority may accuse you of murder if you were seen at the murder site. It may happen that you also live in the same house where the murder took place or you arrived later on after the murder was already conducted. Though it is the duty of the police to investigate the case first before putting any allegations, many times this does not happen and so, a Felonies Attorney in Oakland has to intervene to prove you innocent.

Your Responsibilities in a Felony Case

While you can always depend upon the best Felonies Attorney in Oakland, it is also the responsibility of the person accused, so that the attorney can actually help in a much better way.

Stay Calm

If you will resist, the authorities will put more force and this will create confusion. It is better to stay calm when you are getting arrested. Also, you should speak about anything in custody even when the authorities are forcing you for answers. You should wait for the Felonies Attorney in Oakland to arrive in such a case.

Be Honest

Even the Felonies Attorney in Oakland cannot help if you are not being honest. Be honest when the attorney is asking questions related to the case. The attorney will be able to help you only when you are transparent and are offering all the details that are required.

Offer Help

Apart from being honest, it is also a great idea to offer the right help to the Felonies Attorney in Oakland. You can offer help in the form of witnesses or some minute details that have not been revealed yet in the courtroom. These last-minute details can actually help a lot in your case.

Felonies Attorney in Oakland

Felony cases are such that are not easily forgiven. But it is not always necessary that the person accused has committed the crime. Also, it may happen that the accused person has not committed the crime intentionally. Hence, to handle such situations, it is always a better idea to get expert help such as that of the Felonies Attorney in Oakland.

Contact us at Andrews Law Offices to get in touch with such experts who will understand your situation and will help you come out of such a case smoothly. Also, the experts are a great help in reducing the punishments for those who have actually committed the crime.