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It is no mystery why Mario Andrews gets extraordinary results for his clients. Mr. Andrews is the perfect storm in the world of criminal defense…a former police officer, investigator, and prosecutor. Very few defense attorneys have a better understanding of how the other side works… Read More

25 Years of Experience
Former District Attorney
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Our Practice Areas

Domestic Violence

Seeking an attorney for representation in court regarding a domestic violence case

DUIs & reckless driving

Seeking an attorney for representation in court regarding a DUI and reckless driving charge

Federal Crimes

Seeking counsel or representation for a federal investigation usually related to accusations of committing fraud or accepting kickbacks

Criminal immigration defense

Seeking counsel or representation for offences linked to deportation, entry into the U.S. or obtaining citizenship


Seeking counsel or representation to avoid a felony conviction or to receive help regarding parole, sentences or probation

Petty crimes & misdemeanors

Seeking counsel or representation for petty crimes and misdemeanors like simple drug possession or driving without a license

Drug possession

Seeking an attorney for representation in court regarding a drug possession charge

Professional And Experienced Criminal Law Attorney

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Mr. Andrews was nothing short of amazing. He helped me through one of the hardest and scariest times of my life. He is very knowledgeable and quick to respond to questions and inquiries. He has a great sense of the justice system and the key players in it. I can not stress how important it is to have not only a great attorney who is aggressive but who also has a great reputation and is well known and respected. You will not find a better attorney who cares about his clients.
Shirley Parker
Oakland, CA
Mr. Mario Andrews is a needle in a haystack. He is an experienced, committed, and successful criminal defense attorney who knows the laws, knows the science, knows the prosecutors and knows the judges. He is well equipped to walk into any courtroom and take on a serious case. I have watched him over the years and been in awe of his accomplishments in the courtroom. He is dynamic and committed. He gets results. Those of us - his colleagues - hold him in high regard. If you are seeking an excellent and successful attorney, look no further.
Terry Franklin
Alameda, CA